L-ORNITHINE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE(2:1)

                                                          Product name: L-ORNITHINE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE(2:1)

                                                          CAS No.: 5144-42-3

                                                          Molecular formula: C15H34N4O11

                                                          Structural formula:

                                                          Quality index:

                                                          Item Index
                                                          Appearance white to light yellow crystalline powder
                                                          Assay(%) ≥98.0
                                                          α -ketoglutaric acid Assay(% d.b.) 34-38
                                                          L- Ornithine Assay(% d.b) 52-66
                                                          Specific rotation(º)[α]D20 +8.5 ± 1.0(10%W/V, H2O)
                                                          pH 5.5-7.5 (10%H2O)
                                                          Absorbance % ≤0.5(10%W/V, 420nm)
                                                          Solubility(10%W/V) Complete
                                                          Loss on Drying(%) 3-5
                                                          Residue on ignition(%) ≤0.1

                                                          Uses: Mainly used in sports health and health improvement.